Interview Tips

  1. Get a detailed understanding of the position description, company and product nature as well as team and organization. You can get more information from the consultant or search the organization information via annual reports, internet website.

  2. Prepare yourself physically and mentally smart for the interview. You are recommended to take more rest in the day before and do not engage in any dangerous sports or activity.

  3. Familiarize yourself of some questions that your potential employers will be asked. You can identify some of your background, experience or expertise that fits the relevant position description, brief introduction of your important achievements in previous company, and your career aspiration or specialization plan. Also, you can prepare some intelligent questions about the job that you like to ask during the interview to make your interview a more lively 2-way communication.

  4. Prepare relevant documents, such as your resume, certificates, awards, reference letter in an organized sequence for the interviewer's quick reference.

  5. Dress up appropriately and conservatively. First image is always important!

  6. On time!! You are advised to arrive the location 15 minutes in advance to settle down yourself first.

  7. Greet the interviewer with confident eye contact, firm hand shake and a friendly smile. If you know how to pronounce the interviewer's name, you are recommended to greet him/her by surname.

  8. Sit upright and avoid any unnecessary body gestures such as tapping feet. You have to look alert, confident and interested at all times.

  9. Speak clearly and show your passion and enthusiasm during the interview. You are the one to sell yourself in the interview, so you have to make sure your good points get across to the interviewer in a sincere and honest manner. Don't tell lie or overly answer a question, you are required to keep your answer to-the-point and relate your background and skills to the position in a truthful way.

  10. Lastly, thank the interviewer for the time and consideration given to you with handshake and smile.